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I am seriously addicted to K-drama, K-pop, K-indie, and more over hot & famous korean namja :p.

loving movie, books, art & design, yummy food & drinks, and travelling.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” (Oscar Wilde)
the dreamer of dreams

IS-SICKEY (1 / 2)



I want Seungri’s recovery more than a BIGBANG comeback.

I can’t express how disgusting the fact that this post has only 64 notes is. This shouldn’t be a hard time for Seungri stans only. Aren’t we all a family?

140925 Hoseo University Festival 
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“Why is it that the right people never wind up together? Why are people so afraid to leave a relationship, even if they know it’s a bad one?”

- Stephanie Perkins, Anna and the French Kiss (via intheworldofbooks)

131219 SBS Youngstreet Radio
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infinite meme: four otps (1/4)
↳ Sunggyu/Myungsoo

121124 - Myungsoo: I love you Kim Sunggyu
130424 - Sunggyu: L I love you
130425 - Sunggyu: Kim Myungsoo I love you
130425 - Sunggyu: @wowwh @hoya1991 Why are you like this to our Myungsoo? He has to take a rest to make a good work of art, Kim Myungsoo I love you
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